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To the Official Website of the 6th Romania Tier-2 Federation "Grid, Cloud & High Performance Computing in Science" - RO-LCG 2013 Workshop!

The Romanian Tier-2 Federation RO-LCG was established in 2006 following the conclusion of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) collaboration’s Memorandum of Understanding between CERN and ANCS.

Since 2007, an annual RO-LCG workshop or conference is alternatively organized, with topics related to Grid and High Performance computing support for Particle Physics and scientific research in general.

The RO-LCG 2013 workshop is dedicated to the exchange of information between various scientific communities working in Grid, Cloud computing and HPC. The event gathers representatives of national and international grid infrastructures, WLCG members and high-energy physicists, computer scientists, site administrators, Grid, cloud and HPC users.


The main topics of this year:

The conference will be organized in Constanta by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet and the Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, with help from our partners and sponsors. We will try to make Constanta city, one of the moust beautiful city on the Black Sea coast and the oldest extant city in Romania, a good host for this event.

This year RO-LCG workshop will be a Joint Event: 12th RoEduNet Conference and 6th Romania Tier-2 Federation "Grid, Cloud & High Performance Computing in Science". More information can be found at the conference site here .

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